Immersive Simulation Training Solutions

Arm Your Team with Enhanced Tactical Training and Immersive Experiences

Looking for enhanced training solutions without the need for excessive resources?

Armed with Expert Knowledge

Immersive Training Australia delivers simulation training and consulting services for public and private organisations. With military training expertise, we work directly with you to assess and develop the right solutions across a variety of contexts including training, technology and system development.

Consulting Services

When implementing new systems, training or otherwise, you want to make informed decisions. Immersive Training Australia will work with you to deliver robust solutions that are based on a thorough needs analysis, in-depth scope of opportunities, system testing and evaluating, as well as implementation planning and management.

VR Solutions

Effective simulation training requires state-of-the-art technology, integrated scenarios, and development of both physical and cognitive skills. Immersive Training Australia understands that your organisation’s training needs are unique. We utilise virtual reality, augmented reality and enhanced training systems to help your team build field-specific skills, as well as resilience.

OUR CLIENTS & Partners

Immersive Training Australia works with credible partners and industry leaders to deliver enhanced training solutions across the country. It is through these partnerships that we can continue to develop state-of-the-art systems and deliver effective training solutions. 

Build your team’s skills and resilience with effective and immersive simulation training.