Your Ally in Enhanced Training and Systems

For any kind of training to be effective, it must be reflective of your organisational needs, provide adaptive field-specific scenarios, allow repetition, promote both skill, cognitive development and allow for immediate feedback.

Likewise, the implementation of new systems will only engender results if founded in thorough testing, evaluation and planning.

Immersive Training Australia will work with you to assess, develop and implement enhanced training solutions and systems that are specifically designed to build effective teams and efficient organisations.

Built on a foundation of over 28 years of instructional, teaching and course design experience within leading institutions; Immersive Training Australia is dedicated to delivering consultative services, content design and specialised hardware integration solutions that exceed organisational objectives.

We are training design and application specialists, able to work with clients to determine opportunities for training solutions which will provide enhanced training outcomes.

We enable your organisation to reduce organisational resources with customisable solutions. Our tools enable feedback using advanced human performance monitoring capabilities. Our systems allow for repetition in training design and enable rapid feedback for enhanced learning. 

We believe in providing the most realistic training experience that is cost-effective and develops skills through repetition and feedback. Development of muscle memory and cognitive skills are paramount in building a resilient workforce. This is achieved through the user being immersed in visually accurate environments and an ability to modify key aspects for specific skill development.  

With a background in military training and system development, our team understand the importance of scenario-specific training, where team members can build essential skills in a virtual battle space or other workplace environments, and receive immediate feedback.

Immersive Training Solutions

Immersive Training Australia deliver bespoke solutions. These solutions bridge the gap between current instructional methods and immersive technologies which enable rapid learning capabilities, reduce the need for organisational resources, and provide immediate feedback and reporting capabilities. These solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Needs analysis measured against training objectives and current training methods
  • The facilitation of system evaluations, testing and implementation
  • Simulation impact statements
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality Tactical Training
  • Immersive scenario-based training with integrated lethal and non-lethal weapons capabilities
  • Tetherless solutions with full motion tracking
  • After Action Reviews (AAR)
  • Resilience training including physiological response and biometric measuring capabilities

We work with talented developers, systems integration specialists, engineers and animators from across the globe, to bring Australian organisations optimal immersive training experiences.   


Providing your team and organisation with the right skills and systems is as simple as aligning with Immersive Training Australia, you ally in the field.

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