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Immersive Consulting Services Delivering Advanced Results

Immersive Training Australia delivers comprehensive consulting services that are designed to assess current instructional methods and merge them with immersive training solutions. By integrating existing methods with new technologies, we can help you build rapid learning opportunities, reduce pressures on organisational resources, and provide real-time reporting and repetition in conduct.


Utilising a systematic approach, our consulting services deliver comprehensive reports which encapsulate objective based analysis, recommendations on best practice solutions, impacts on the workplace, and projected return on investment. These reports can be used to inform business cases and generate better outcomes for organisational training and development programs.

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Our Immersive Consulting Plan

A good plan informs the best outcomes. We work directly with team leaders and decision makers to ensure all project deliverables are achieved and respond directly to your organisational objectives. An outline of our process is as follows but can be adapted to meet organisational needs. 


Project Set Up Phase

  • Establish security and ethical protocols
  • Establish all relevant points of contact
  • Establish courses to be reviewed
  • Provision of training management plans or equivalent
  • Provision of final restrictions and operational guidelines and project timeline

Scoping and Analysis Phase

  • Immersive Training Australia review of all course materials
  • Detailed analysis of present training methods and resources to ascertain potential immersive training methods



Engagement Phase

  • Conduct stakeholder workshops
  • Provide optional solutions and enable subject matter expert (SME) development and analysis for best fit
  • Conduct implementation analysis review for impact statements


Review and Preliminary Report

  • Consolidation and provision of report encompassing; areas for implementation, type of application, impact statement


The draft report includes detailed analysis, workshop outcomes, recommended methods and impact statement.



Industry Engagement Phase

  • Solicitation with service providers to ascertain rough orders of magnitude, timeframes and through life support options

Final Report

  • Recommended implementation plan
  • Detailed impact statement and cost benefit analysis
  • Detailed cost estimations for future forecasting
  • Statements of Work for any tender requirements provided
  • Recommended service providers (if sole source available)

The final report includes a finalised version of the draft report, cost estimates, cost benefit analysis and implementation plan


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