VR Solutions

Immersive Virtual Reality Training

Immersive Training Australia integrates state-of-the-art technology, including full body motion capture and the latest virtual reality hardware, with extensive instructional experience, to provide Free Roam Virtual Reality based training solutions, designed specifically to build successful teams.  


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Military Applications

Full team-based solutions allowing for a broad range of tactical training requirements.


Our Military Applications focus on dismounted skills, in any environment including complex urban, subterranean and replicated mission environments – all the areas you CANNOT replicate and train in. 


With a fully integrated weapon ability, linked to existing simulations, we offer unsurpassed fidelity to ensure no de-training occurs. Our extensive military background means we understand what is required and provide VR training solutions that include:


  • Team, Section, Squad based tactical techniques and development
  • Room Entry and building clearance drills
  • Counter terrorism training
  • Stairway clearance drills
  • Rapid aim fire drills
  • Full close quarter combat training and rehearsals
  • Rules of engagement training
  • Armoured vehicle integration training
  • Mission rehearsals
  • Site familiarisation e.g LHD embarking, disembarking, safety procedures
  • Battle inoculation
  • Combined arms effects visualisation and inoculation
  • Command team problem solving
  • Stress resilience development
  • Live, dynamic threat development
VR Solutions for Military Organisations

Law Enforcement

VR Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

Integration of lethal and non-lethal effects, and dynamic scene creation enable scenario-based training for those rare incidents that require rapid decision making. 


Our solutions reduce the need for expensive facilities that typically limit application and reduce flexibility. These VR training solutions, designed specifically with Law Enforcement in mind include:


  • First responder training
  • Counter terrorism training
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Domestic violence solutions
  • Procedural training
  • Rules of engagement
  • Rapid aim fire
  • Close quarter engagements
  • Rapid decision making
  • Stress resilience training
  • Cognitive development

Oil and Gas Applications

Prepare teams offsite, for onsite tasks. Conduct procedural training without loss of time and situations that you simply cannot simulate.


Our solutions will save on training time, increase learning capacity and increase safety. Designed specially with the Oil and Gas industry in mind, our VR training solutions include:


  • Enable site specific individual and team based procedural and safety training
  • Site familiarisation
  • Bridge all language barriers
  • Support any workforce including in remote areas
  • Allow construction and plant commissioning
  • Develop teams under stressful situations
  • Allow selection of the right people through realistic test conditions
  • Cognitive development
VR Solutions for oil and gas industry

Immersive VR Solutions

Our VR solutions include virtual tactical training that will immerse your team into visually accurate spaces, and prepare them for a variety of combat situations.


By incorporating ‘tetherless’ solutions, your team will be able interact naturally within any given scenario.


With integrated biometric measuring capabilities, lethal and non-lethal weapon integration, principle safety equipment integration, after action reviews, custom design scenarios, and minimal resource requirements; Immersive Training Australia deliver efficient and effective VR solutions that respond directly to your organisation’s training objectives.


Immerse your team into complex and challenging simulations, unencumbered by wires, thethers or constraints, allowing natural movement that is essential for success.

Sensory Feedback

Strategically placed muscle simulation pads allow for enhanced immersion and full motion tracking. With an accuracy level of less than 1mm, team members can respond to a direct hit precisely i.e. firing in single pulse or continuous mode.

Biometric Measurement

Measure you team’s heart rate, body temperature and other physiological responses to build resilience training into any given immersive scenario. With accurate measurement of biometric responses, your team will build both physical and cognitive skills essential for success.

After Action Review (AAR)

Instantly review training sessions using simple playback features, 3D viewing options and augmented overlays to isolate and assess incidents that are important for further development, training and feedback.


Limit the need for extensive resources, and navigate virtual environments that are larger than the physical footprint of the programs utilised. These environments can include ascending and descending stairs, broadening the training experience.

Multi-Person Real Time

Immerse up to 12 team members into a single simulation, with full body tracking. This fosters team work and cooperation, delivering effective team training scenarios.

Custom Scenario Creator

Utilising highly intuitive editing tools, we create custom scenarios to deliver on your organisational training objectives. This can include the additions or manipulations of buildings, props, certain terrains, and AI characters (hostile and friendly); all designed to ensure a rich 3D environment for your team to navigate. With the addition of a memory database, your team will develop key cognitive skills based on the open space scenario training.


DIS/HLA compliant, allowing for integration with existing military virtual simulations and image generators. We incorporate existing weapon simulation solutions for immediate integration with existing platforms.

Immersive Training Australia work with talented developers, systems integration specialists, engineers and animators from across the globe, to bring Australian organisations optimal immersive training experiences.    

Discover VR solutions that will give your team the edge


VR content is developed to meet specific training outcomes.  It is designed to provide an immersive experience for those objectives, where trainees are unable to be distracted. This lack of distraction and ability to conduct rapid, endless repetition, assists in creating cognitive development of critical training requirements – be that for safety procedures, team or individual skills. When integrated with other advanced tools that ITA offer, VR based training will provide the most advanced and cost effective training platform compared to any other form of traditional training methods.

Using our free roam VR technology, up to 12 people can be very accurately tracked (to <1mm) and trained simultaneously. This can include differing teams at the same time, or individuals PLUS any integrated principle equipment needed for that training.

Commercial off the shelve VR hardware, allowing for ease of any upgrade schedules. Proprietary tracking hardware and software with many $Ms invested to ensure stability and accuracy.

For free roam VR applications, a dedicated facility (specifications available separately). However, this facility can be used for other purposes – a gym, lecture facilities, close quarter fighting areas etc. For other applications, typically all VR resources are provided, including the PCs.  The trainers/instructors come from the client organisation.

Yes. Our software allows for enhanced scene and mission creation by the end user allowing for many 100’s of differing variables and training outcomes.

This is dependent on the detail and complexity of content.  A realistic timeframe is provided once content is mapped out and linked to training objectives.  Short development sprints and close client feedback ensures we remain on track.

Yes. All our solutions allow for a service support model, or training and handoff with just back end technical support. A full service support model allows you to focus on your area of expertise and us on ours to ensure training time is never compromised.